Bill’s Poems

Bungee Jumping


I’m going bungee jumping, cross it off my bucket list,

All the kids assure me it’s sure not to be missed,

Of all the fun they’ve ever had they say this is the best,

They’ve done some wild and crazy things but this beats all the rest.


I’ve jumped most everything there is, bikes and horses too,

And even in a motor car I’ve cleared jumps quite a few,

Done long jump, high jump, steeplechase, jumped from the highest tree,

So I’m sure I’ll jump this bungee, whatever that may be!


They took me up this real high tower, it was an awesome view!

The mongrels tied up both me legs! what were they gonna do?

They said to hold my hands out straight and count from one to five,

A push behind and I began a terrifying dive.


The ground rushed up to meet me, I prepared for certain death.

I’m telling you, it might well make the boldest hold their breath,

Just then the rope took up the slack. I was saved an awful fate,

But I tell you, jumping bungees is crossed off my list mate!

4. Sunday 16th February, 2014 061_edited-1

May Migration


Back in the nineteen sixties we were kids at boarding school,

We felt the cane quite often, each time we broke a rule;

We looked forward to the holidays, to when we caught the train

For the trip across the mountains, toward the western plain.


The highlight of all the holidays was the twenty fourth of May,

The night we had a bonfire for our great Commonwealth Day.

The shops all stocked with fireworks as we headed for the station

And we loaded up with ammunition, to celebrate the nation.


Passengers on the platform each town the train would stop

Found bungers all around them; we made those oldies hop.

With jumping jacks and throw downs all adding to the fray,

Catherine wheels and roman candles made for a grand display.


A threepenny bunger in a tunnel seemed a really deadly plan,

The fuse burns down, then toss it out, right by the train guard’s van.

The echo in the confined space truly was a masterpiece

A miracle it was we didn’t have to answer to the police.




Looking back I wonder why we never got locked up;

The guard must have been thinking of his mischief as a pup.

I don’t know what it is that’s wrong with kids around today,

Why can’t they be just like we were, perfect in every way.